Fact Cat: Planets

Alice Harman

Fact Cat is a big and exciting new brand that will roll out to feature titles on all the fun topics that children from 5-9 want to read about.

Planets is one of four titles in the first sub-series on Space. Is there life on other planets? Which planet is the biggest? What are planets made of? The Planets answers these and many other questions as it explores each of the eight planets in our solar system, from boiling-hot Mercury to freezing-cold Neptune.

WTP packaged the series, commissioned the author, created the 'look and feel', designed the layouts, sourced the images and edited the text.

Alice Harman is an experienced author and editor of children's non-fiction titles.

The consultant, Kate Ruttle, is a literacy expert and SENCO, and teaches in Suffolk.

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225mm x 190mm, 24pp, hardback, 18 photos

ISBN 978-0-7502-8222-2

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