Vocabulary Organizer

Pete Sharma/Barney Barratt
Harper Collins

Learn new words more quickly! Research shows that you need to see a new word as many as eight times before it passes from short-term memory into your productive vocabulary. Collins Vocabulary Organizer helps you to do this by providing structured and organized templates in which to record and review your vocabulary. The authors’ unique approach to organizing vocabulary learning helps you identify which vocabulary you just need to recognize and which you need to use actively.

Learn how to:
• Remember new words more easily
• Differentiate between active and passive vocabulary
• Record your vocabulary in a structured way
• Find your vocabulary to review

WTP edited and typeset the book.

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The cover is produced with kind permisson of Collins.

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A4, 192pp, two-colour, wiro paperback

ISBN 978-0-00-755193-4

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