NEW! Ultimate Adventurers: Extreme Athletes

Charlotte Gullain

Do you have what it takes to be an extreme athlete? Read this book and you'll find out. Can you imagine snowboarding down a mountain, kayaking on the Amazon River, or cycling across the USA?

Extreme Athletes is one of 4 titles WTP developed for Raintree in the Ultimate Adventurers series. The series tells the thrilling true-life stories of some of the world'd greatest adventurers as they display courage, endurance and survival against the odds. 

WTP was responsible for copyediting, designing, picture researching and producing simultaneous UK and US (Americanised) print-ready PDFs.

Charlotte Gullain is an experienced editor and author of children's non-fiction titles on a wide range of topics.

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230mm x 160mm, 48pp, hardback and paperback, UK and US editions, profusely illustrated with colour photos and maps.

ISBN 978-1-406-27415-8

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